Daopezt  provides consultation, design, Information and network Security services to its clients to address their specific requirements. Daopezt’s services include:
–  Design and development of customised cryptographic or network security solutions.
–  Customisation of Daopezt’s current Information security solutions
–  Consultation and assistance with the development of Information Security policies and procedures.
–  Daopezt ensures that its customers sensitive information is safeguarded through tamper proof/evident hardware based  high level symetric and assymetric cryptographic solutions.

Mobile Security

The use of mobile technologies such as smartphones, tablets within the enterprise create a unique set of challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure that sensitive information accessed, stored, and/or transmitted by these devices is properly protected.
We at Deopezt utilizes its extensive knowledge base with technical and operational skills to examine the issues and challenges unique to the security and management of mobile technologies and the information these devices store and process. Varutra is specialized in performing following services;

Application Security Assessment

We  assesses your mobile applications  aiming  to  identifying  vulnerabilities that can be exploited to target your business. The testing methodology involves assessments posing as an authenticated as well as an unauthenticated user, i.e., black box and white box approaches. Highlighting on the white box testing to consists of the  combination of both automated source code scanning and manual source code review to analyze the security state of the mobile application as well as associated web services Focusing on unit testing of all components and integration testing to easily identify threat profile and  contextual security vulnerabilities of your mobile application. We focus on Android, iOS and cross-platform mobile application

Mobile Application Security Testing Range 

–  Daopezt in-house developed tools that is specific to mobile testing do the following:
–  Test OWASP Mobile vulnerabilities and usability weaknesses
–  Application permissions
–  Residual data on local storage and caching (passwords, usernames, device identifier, and other sensitive data)
–  Native code execution
–  Ability to deal with “Stolen/Lost Device Scenario”
–  Insufficient authorization from mobile client to back-end systems and databases
–  Session hijacking